Star Wars gave us so much, one of the under appreciated gifts from Star Wars was the ability to separate male personalities.  You can only be one or the other, you can’t be both.

On the outset this is a way of separating dudes, I have to be clear, I don’t think I can say there are either Luke Skywalker women and Han Solo women.  If I am wrong about that – comment on this post.  But that is an aside.  The segmentation of man boils down to a few qualities upheld by these two archetype characters in Star Wars.  Quentin Tarantino advanced a similar type of theory in “Pulp Fiction” when he said you either love Elvis or The Beatles.  Which is interesting, but I do think there are people who like both, though I would agree that Elvis and The Beatles are very different.

Han Solo is a rogue, a swashbuckling, smuggler who lives on the criminal edge.  He gets by on the his guts, his charm and on his willingness to pull a gun on someone who is trying to kill him.  Solo is in it for the “reward” he’s just trying to stay ahead and he plays all the angles.  Solo is also a ladies man, it took him about 20 seconds to get Princess Leia interested in Episode IV and of course he ended up closing the deal there.  At the end of the day, Han Solo knows the difference between right and wrong – but he still lives by his own moral code.  It’s hard not to want to be like him, I definitely ASPIRE to be like Han Solo.  I have Han Solo friends, my buddy Markus is a Han Solo guy all the way, my buddy Tom is too.  It’s a great way to be.

Luke Skywalker is not a rogue, basically he is a kid who grew up on the wrong side of the tracks but believes he was destined for something great.  Luke was born with the power of the force, but for much of his life he lacked the knowledge of how to use it.  He was raised with the blue-collar work ethic of a farm boy, but he had dreams of getting off the farm and becoming a fighter pilot.  Luke has a high sense of morals but he lacks real world experience and so his morality is idealistic and flawed.  Additionally Luke spends much of his life socially awkward and surprised by what the world is throwing at him.  So far, Luke doesn’t really sound all that great.  BUT – Luke learns how to use the force and eventually becomes a Jedi Knight (the last Jedi Knight).  And he morphs into this unbeatable warrior who time and time again manages to defy the odds in the struggle to bring the universe to freedom from the empire.  Without Luke, the rebellion doesn’t blow up the death star, it doesn’t survive the attacks on Hoth, and it doesn’t overthrow the emperor and defeat the imperial forces at the Battle of Endor.  Luke is the key.

To be clear, Han & Luke both need each other and have saved each other’s lives, so neither is superior.  This is just a question of preference; who you identify with.

So when you are a kid growing up and you watch Star Wars you make a choice.  You see these two characters and you decide some things:

  • “Do I want a blaster pistol for christmas or do I want a light saber?”
  • “Do I want an X-Wing Fighter, or do I want the Millennium Falcon?”
  • “For Halloween am I going to be Luke, or Han?”

Then as you get older you and you watch the trilogy again you make new choices.

  • What’s cooler, when Han goes out into the sub-zero cold and says, “Yeah, and my friends out in it…”  “Then I’ll see you in hell.”  OR “You will bring Captain Solo and the Wookie to me…”
  • Was it more awesome that Luke went to take on Darth Vader to save his friends or more cool when Leia said, “I love you” and Han said, “I know.”
  • Would I rather be dressed in all black, or do I want to put on a white button down and a vest (ok that’s a reach)

See what’s happening here?  Han Solo and Luke Skywalker define people.  I am a Luke Skywalker guy, and it’s not because I don’t love Han Solo, I think Han Solo is awesome and he is a total bad ass.  But when I see Han Solo, I just know that I am not that cool and that I am more about being able to use the force.  When you meet a guy, you can usually tell pretty quickly whether or not they are Han Solo or Luke Skywalker.  There really isn’t another kind of guy.  Someone once tried to convince me that there are Lando Calrissian’s out there too.  That’s crazy. I have NEVER met anyone as cool as Lando Calrissian, c’mon – Billy Dee Williams?  You’re gonna sit there and tell me that the guy who pitched Colt 45 is as common as Luke Skywalker?  No freakin way I am not buying it.  I could MAYBE see the argument that Han and Lando are interchangeable, but even that is a stretch for me.  Lando is in a class by himself in my opinion.

It comes down to Han and Luke.  What do you think?  Tell me a different theory of segmentation?  How does this compare to Elvis v. the Beatles?  Side note, I definitely am getting the Blu-Ray series which just came out.

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