You probably recognize him now that you have seen his photo.  This is Rade in the movie “Snatch,” he plays the invincible Boris the Blade.  That is probably his most well known role.  But I am posting about this guy, because I  just saw him in the “Taken 2” trailer and realized that he has to be one of the more prolific Eastern Europe / Russia typecasts out there (if not the most prolific).

Here are a few of his roles:

  • “Harry Potter: The Deathly Hallows Part 1” – Gregorovitch
  • “Snatch” – mentioned above
  • “24” the TV show, 8 Episodes – Dimitry Gradenk0
  • “Batman Begins” – Homeless Guy – ‘That’s a nice coat”
  • “Space Cowboys” – Russian General
  • “Mission Impossible 2” – Dr. Neckorvich, inventor of Chimera Virus
  • “Eyes Wide Shut” – costume store owner
  • “The Saint” – Ivan Tretiak (principle villain)

Rade is a croatian by birth, but he is pretty much always a Russian guy in movies.   I have a hard time thinking of a guy who plays a Russian more often that Rade?


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  1. kenzo says:

    I love this guy. He is most memorable to me as Leelee Sobieski’s pimp/costume shop owner dad in one of my favorite movies of all time. He has such a great screen presence and, yes, that eastern european/russian accent is awesome. Kudos for giving this guy props, I’d have a vodka martini with Rade any time.

  2. Lutz says:

    Great post. I love this guy. Classic stuff in Eyes Wide Shut. I can’t think of any other typecast supporting actor who has such a monopoly on a specific role (outside of the romantic comedy genre) and flies under the radar (at least in the U.S.).

    Jean Reno comes to mind, but after Leon, he is too mainstream now. Still – a definitive go to French movie star for American movies. I feel the same way about Jurgen Prochnow. Although he goes outside of pure German (he even played Jesus in The Seventh Sign). Danny Trejo is also too big of a star now for this niche category.

    So the one actor I’ll put up there whose face you know and name you likely do not is Tcheky Karyo. The French actor from Bad Boys, Goldeneye, The Patriot and Kiss of the Dragon. Recently did a great job in the small movie The Way with Martin Sheen. But his list of American movies is nowhere near Rade.

  3. […] we posted about Rade Serbedzija, as a guy who we see a lot but maybe don’t give enough credit to.  Here is another one.  Tcheky […]

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