–For most of my life I accepted that Sean Connery was the ultimate James Bond, the perfect blend of panache and action. 2012 saw me rethink that premise. Skyfall was perhaps the best Bond offering in the history of the franchise – Daniel Craig has elevated himself in the best James Bond conversation.

–Lutz and I wrote a post about Scorcese and Speilberg, in that post one conclusion that we agreed on was that Steven Speilberg has been on a bad trajectory- but thanks in large part to a world class performance by Daniel Day Lewis, in 2012 with “Lincoln” Speilberg has gotten off the schnide.

The US box office looks to be up 6.5% in 2012, the first rise since the Avatar gap years. More tickets were sold too. Certainly mega movies like “The Avengers,” “Hunger Games,” “Twilight, Breaking Dawn,” “The Dark Knight Rises,” and “The Hobbit I” all contributed to the up year. With more offerings from all of those franchises in 2013 (excluding Batman)- and a few new prospective hits like “Man of Steel” and a second “Star Trek” reboot offering- things should be good in Hollywood.

–Christopher Nolan added another strong film to his strong and growing resume. “The Dark Knight Rises.” a good end to a great trilogy. I have heard many people say, “it’s not as good as ‘The Dark Knight'”—what is?

–It wasn’t all about the Benjamin’s in 2012- the quality of pictures were up big…I hope we have a few pleasant surprises in 2013 along the lines of “Argo” and “Lincoln”

–In the movies 2012 will be tough to beat, it will go down as a solid year in the Movieraiders book. Looking forward to a solid 2013 (hopefully!)

–2012 was a year of many ups and downs. Lutz and I lost a mentor and friend in 2012. It may seem corny to quote “Braveheart” but fitting for our lost friend, who always, always acted boldly- “…every man dies, but not every man truly lives”. Rohinish we will miss you.

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3 Responses to Movieraiders reflect on 2012

  1. Kenzo says:

    Wow, another year already. Argo was fantastic…except for one camera move that still bugs me to this day. Life of Pi….amazing…ok, slightly long but amazing 3D. The Hobbit surprisingly entertained me….but why couldn’t the eagles just fly them all the way to the Lonely Mountain? Oh, because there need to be two more movies. Ok, so am I the ONLY one who thought Skyfall was the worst Bond movie of all time? (yes, even worse that The Spy Who Loved Me). Looking forward to MovieRaiders convos pushing through the new year. Peace out!

    • John says:

      Argo was solid – tell me more about the camera move you mean? I haven’t seen Life of Pi- sounds like you are a fan, that will push me into a seat soon. We all know why the eagles couldn’t keep flying…that would eliminate about 300mm of global box office gross for Peter Jackson, a man in danger of becoming the next George Lucas. You are certainly in the minority on Skyfall, Lutz hasn’t weighed in- but I know he loved it too. I am a big fan of the Bond franchise – this was the first attempt to really build the character…who is this guy really? Where did he come from? What motivates him (aside from shakin gin martins and women)? I thought it had all of the suspense and action of a typical bond offering and it traded high tech gadgetry for character development. And I enjoyed Daniel Craig’s performance. I know you like Bond too- so i will seek to understand you better…what are your top 3 bond films and who is the best Bond?

  2. Lutz says:

    1. Regarding James Bond, Sean Connery invented the role and what we think James Bond should be. But I think Daniel Craig is taking the role to new places and I’m happy about that – particularly after the Pierce Brosnan years.

    But let me also throw out that growing up, Roger Moore was my James Bond. Yes – I thought a 60 year old man snowboarding and wooing Tanya Roberts to the tunes Duran Duran was the essence of cool. I won’t apologize for this.

    But Kenzo – how can you call Skyfall a bad Bond movie? Are you really saying that Skyfall is worse that Denise Richards as a Nuclear Scientist? Or Pierce Brosnan driving an invisible car?? I think it is admirable that the Broccolis are trying to make Bond more than a caricature.

    2. When people talk about the decline of movies, I think this has a lot to do with the amount of bad movies that come out (think Michael Bay Transformers or continuous remakes like Total Recall). But is it true that that good, original movies are on the decline? I don’t dispute that the 60s and 70s were a special time for filmmakers, but I think we need to move past that and recognize that there are still some gems that get made and are recognized (think Beasts of the Southern Wild).

    3. I’m disappointed that the Avengers did so well. I enjoyed seeing all the Marvel heroes on screen, and I think Joss Whedon did a great job. But to have this be one of the successful movies of all time?

    4. Regarding the Hobbit, I expect Peter Jackson was hoping for a better response towards his 48 Frames Per Second. My feelings are pretty mixed. While beautiful for some elements, I heard someone else say that the 48FMS takes some magic away and I agree. Seeing the make-up on Martin Freeman was just a little too much for me. Instead, let me give a shout-out for Life of Pi, for the very impressive 3D work (the best I’ve seen since Avatar). Absolutely beautiful film.

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