oh dae su_oldboyRecently I had a conversation at work with a colleague about Korean cinema and TV.  Of course, Oldboy came up.  It reminded me of how good this movie really is.  I just checked and it is available on Netflix streaming right now, so I thought to recommend it and offer a Movieraiders perspective (without spoilers).

Chan-wook Park, the director of Oldboy, is not a well kept secret.  He is widely regarded as a great filmmaker in Asia and he has made his reputation felt around the world as one of the great technical directors.  Oldboy is probably his best film.  The screenplay is brilliantly conceived.  This is a movie that is extremely disorienting from the very beginning, you always feel one step behind and desperate to catch up.  This is not only accomplished with the script, but also with the intense performances, the way it is shot and the music.  And when the movie is over it really stays with you.  It goes to places most movies would not.

I give it a high recommendation, but this is not a smile movie – if you are down and need a pick me up, watch Almost Famous you will feel great…Oldboy will make you think, it will grab you and it will turn you inside out.  You will see a great film maker at the top of his game.  I plan to watch it again soon.

Fun Facts

* Quentin Tarrantino awarded this movie with a Grand Prix at Canne (and a Palm d’or nomination), while he was President in 2004.  As an aside,  Fahrenheit 9/11 won that year- Oldboy is a stronger film.

*Chan-wook Park, directed the movie Stoker – which is in theaters now (but not doing well).

* Spike Lee is directing a remake starring James Brolin and Elizabeth Olsen which is set to come out in theaters in October

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