Gravity won the most Oscar’s this year, and though it didn’t win Best Picture – I think it was the best picture from many different perspectives.  It is rare to see a movie sweep the technical categories the way that this movie did.  12 Years a Slave was a deserved best picture winner though, an incredible film that will stand up to the test of time in the same way Schindler’s List and the Killing Fields have.  Steve McQueen is a very brave filmmaker and I don’t think we have seen the last of him at the Oscars.  Cuaron’s win is well deserved – he is a great film maker.

The predictions were pretty solid.  In hindsight – we should have seen Lupita’s oscar,  J-Law should not have been a lock.   Lutz called that.  Best Actor was a complete toss up, as predicted.  Matthew McConaughey was a bit of a surprise, but a pleasant one.  I didn’t see Dallas Buyers club, but I am definitely going to see it.  He is really in a groove right now – I think it started with Lincoln Lawyer and has just been building; Mud, Dallas Buyers, True Detective, and Interstellar in post-production…I left out Magic Mike – but clearly that won him some praise (from certain audiences).

McConaughey’s win is a pleasant surprise because, though he has “paid his dues,” he is not the Hollywood insider-type.  I am thinking of guys like Richard Burton and Peter O’Toole, who both made such great movies and couldn’t get a win (O’Toole did get the Governors Award).  They were working for years and putting incredible performances on the screen only to be left at the altar on Oscar night.  McConaughey hasn’t built a body of work like those two – at least not yet.  Leonardo DiCaprio is probably a step ahead of McConaughey in that regard and is closer to the Hollywood power center.  DiCaprio will get his Oscar, but I am glad that McConaughey got his.

Lutz mentioned this and it merits bringing up again.  Fruitvale Station was notably absent from any mention this year?  Michael B. Jordan’s performance overlooked completely?  American Hustle – the most over nominated movie of the year – absorbed space from movies like Fruitvale Station and Inside Llewyn Davis.  When people look back I think they will see that American Hustle is a “good” but not “great” film.

I may change my name to Adele Dazim – I laughed for about 10 minutes after that happened.  Kudos for Idina Menzel for nailing her performance despite the name butchering.

Agree with Lutz, just glad that Julia Roberts didn’t win – her swipe at Bill Conti will never be forgiven.

That’s a wrap!


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  1. Lutz says:

    In general, I thought the Oscars were long and boring. The lack of surprise contributed to this, but so did the 3 hours, 30 minutes run time.

    Even though Gravity was my most enjoyable movie watching experience of 2013 (and probably the last few years), I was happy 12 Years a Slave won given how powerful and important the movie is.

    Ellen was okay/pretty good. I thought the speeches were not that interesting (Lupita Nyong’o being the best).

    Re: Matthew McConaughey – I know he has Interstellar coming and I expect both he and the movie to be awesome. But I’m curious to see what decisions/roles he takes moving forward. Will he continue to make brave choices or cave in now that he has the Oscar? Since Ben Affleck won his Oscar last year, he flopped in Runner Runner and is the new Batman which is just asking for trouble.

    With Alfonso Cuaron and Steve McQueen, have any of these guys made a bad movie yet in their career? I think both could be true geniuses. I expect we’ll continue to be blown away by these guys in the future.

    So now onto 2014…what are you looking forward to? Lots of Super Hero Movies: Captain America: The Winter Solider looks great! Amazing Spider-Man 2 (we’ll see), Guardians of the Galaxy, X-Men Days of Future Past: Can Bryan Singer redeem himself?

    • John says:

      2014 is looking interesting. I can’t wait for Interstellar, Jupiter Rising, also looking forward to There and Back Again (Hobbit 3). I am also very curious about Noah which is coming soon. Aranofsky making a studio picture is an interesting concept. Bryan Singer is a lost cause in my book – I hate to say he peaked with The Usual Suspects – but he did. 2014 is going to be the year they shoot Episode VII so it should be a year of innuendo as well.

      Couldn’t agree more on the program of the Oscars. Adele Dazeem was my favorite part…it wasn’t even close. Matthew McConaughey calling his own number as his own hero 10 years from now was also nice – then the alright alright alright…genius.

      Dude – I have to take issue with your Afleck reference. He has 2 oscars – and after his first one his first project was Armageddon. So I think Matthew McConaughey has a running head start over Afleck here. If you stack up Sahara against Gigli – I think you are also finding Afleck on the short end…

      Cuaron and McQueen are two very gifted directors, with two very different storytelling styles and skill sets. More great things to come for sure.

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